The Powerweave - Development of Textiles for Electrical Energy Generation and Storage project is supported by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development of advanced textiles for the energy and environmental protection markets

Powerweave was launched this June 2012 and joins 13 European members from 7 countries. The project will last 42 months and the total grant is 4 million euros.

The objective of the project is based on the development of a fabric to generate (10W/m2) and store (10Wh/m2) energy within a totally fibrous matrix through:

  •         photovoltaic fibres based on the dye sensitized solar cell
  •         rechargeable energy storage fibres based on thin film battery or supercapacitor
  •         textile design to ensure reliability and most efficient operation
  •         reliable interface and interconnection methods to integrate the generation and storage fibres
  •         demonstration in technical large area applications

Fibres will be combined together by weaving or knitting into a textile. This unique approach, moving on from the current state of the art using cell or film based PV materials and batteries will, for the first time, provide this added functionality in a true textile format, with benefits of reduced weight, an unobtrusive appearance, flexibility, conformability, easier storage and transportation than existing systems.

The workflow is the following: